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About Us

We @ myandamantrip, endeavor to provide customer satisfaction with the value for each single dime spent. We believe in “enriching experience” for each traveler and strive to enliven their stay at Andaman & Nicobar Islands, the most exciting memorable moments ever experienced. The company envisions it's personalized tour packages to justify the tourists’ value for money. Being a customer centric entity, our product offering comprises innovative fun & adventurous suite conceptualized in-house in consonance with travelers' expectations and budget. The company strives to reinvigorate the tourism industry in Andaman through its economical tour packages entwined with aristocratic experience so as to make the islands, the favorite holiday destination for the explorers.


The company is an inbound tour packages service provider focused mainly in Andaman & Nicobar Islands. Since its inception by the freak and passionate roadsters’, the company has been providing quality service at the most economical and affordable rates in comparison with the peer companies. We specialize in a wide range of standardized tour packages comprising Fun, adventurous and peaceful (FAP) Holiday packages, enthralling, ecstatic and enchanting (3E) Honeymoon packages, Students’- Fun & Learn packages, corporate convocation packages (CCP) and top-brass congress packages (TCP). Apart form the standard packages, we provide customized packages as per the travelers’ specification limited with resource availability and necessary legal permissions. The company also facilitates the travelers in experiencing the myriad of water sports in addition to the standard packages. The islands host various international standard water sports consisting of scuba diving, sport fishing & snorkeling, kayaking, adventurous rides (banana ride, sofa ride, speed ride & Jet Ski), sea walk and game fishing. We as an innovative service provider also facilitate the travelers on solitary expeditions across the isolated & secluded islands group with utmost safety measures arranged in advance.


In order to maintain customer satisfaction at the focal point of our service channel, we follow a three-layer filtration in our service: Economization, customization & personalization services. The process commences with standard package offering at economical scale enriched with embedding customers’ preferences at the second level and finally assisting the travelers personally to create an unforgettable experience at the end. Personalized service has always been the USP of our service channel and the credit for our sustenance is attributed to our tour managers who have first hand experience in the area of their expertise (including accommodation, conveyance, site tours and special tours’ management). We are also due diligent in handling online booking issues, handling queries and any contingency aroused due to force majeure and untoward events.

Although our head office is located in Port Blair, the capital city of Andaman & Nicobar Islands, we have a wide network of associate offices throughout the islands run by local islanders who are deft with bountiful experience in meeting the customer expectations. We are also in association with the leading accommodation providers including hotels and resorts which helps us to provide our customer a safe, secure and timely accommodation facility. Our service motto coupled with economical and affordable package rates makes us the most attractive tourist agency for anyone who wants to relish the ecstasy of fun moments without dipping extravagantly into their savings.